Makeup is great for covering up blemishes, concealing imperfections, highlighting your features and making your eyes bold. After you layer on several products though, they can be quite tricky to remove entirely, especially if you are buying quality makeup with lasting power or waterproof products. Instead of scrubbing your face raw or watching Continue Reading
What are they? Whiteheads like to show up right before a big date or function and completely ruin your confidence. Okay, maybe that isn’t totally true, but it definitely feels like it sometimes! They can come on fast and without any prior warning. I mean, how many times have you went to bed, clear faced […]Continue Reading
What is it? Have you ever had a pimple that you can feel underneath your skin days before it even surfaces and becomes a bump on your skin? That’s likely cystic acne. It’s often painful and leaves your skin really red and inflamed. They’re much larger than a normal whitehead, and with cystic acne, rarely […]Continue Reading
There are many different types of acne. Whiteheads, blackheads, papule, pustule, cystic, nodule – these are all terms you have probably heard of. Generally speaking, acne happens when a pore is clogged and the skin around it becomes irritated and inflamed, causing you to freak out and want to find a solution ASAP so you can […]Continue Reading
There are several things that can cause acne. Sometimes acne is largely caused by bacteria on the skin, sometimes it can be caused by reactions to the wrong diet and sometimes it can have seemingly no cause at all! But one of the most significant causes of acne is your hormone balance. And in fact, […]Continue Reading
Most people who suffer from body acne struggle with ‘bacne.’ Though this isn’t a proper medical term, it has been coined by the general population as describing acne in the area on your back. Many people who struggle with it feel ashamed and try to hide it anyway they can, especially teens and young adults […]Continue Reading