There are several things that can cause acne. Sometimes acne is largely caused by bacteria on the skin, sometimes it can be caused by reactions to the wrong diet and sometimes it can have seemingly no cause at all! But one of the most significant causes of acne is your hormone balance. And in fact, […]Continue Reading
Maybe you have a major project due at work or you are facing finals week, perhaps your wedding day is only a few days away and suddenly, as if from nowhere, your face breaks out in a mass of acne. Have you ever noticed that when you are faced with unusual amounts of stress in […]Continue Reading
Let’s face it, acne sucks. It can have a profound affect on your life, including your self confidence. Just know that you are not alone, and that many of us suffer from acne on a daily basis. You may have tried several products and heard of countless more, but do you know why you have […]Continue Reading