What are they? Sometimes it takes looking into a highly magnified mirror to realize that the little black dots on your nose and cheeks aren’t freckles, they’re blackheads. Although blackheads might not be as noticeable when there’s only one or two, when your entire nose is covered, it’s pretty obvious and can be quite a blow […]Continue Reading
What are they? Whiteheads like to show up right before a big date or function and completely ruin your confidence. Okay, maybe that isn’t totally true, but it definitely feels like it sometimes! They can come on fast and without any prior warning. I mean, how many times have you went to bed, clear faced […]Continue Reading
What is it? Have you ever had a pimple that you can feel underneath your skin days before it even surfaces and becomes a bump on your skin? That’s likely cystic acne. It’s often painful and leaves your skin really red and inflamed. They’re much larger than a normal whitehead, and with cystic acne, rarely […]Continue Reading
Maybe you have a major project due at work or you are facing finals week, perhaps your wedding day is only a few days away and suddenly, as if from nowhere, your face breaks out in a mass of acne. Have you ever noticed that when you are faced with unusual amounts of stress in […]Continue Reading