How to: Moisturize Your Face

Have you ever tried applying your foundation to a face full of dry skin? It goes on super uneven, looks cakey, and is not flattering to any of your features. If your skin is properly hydrated then your makeup will go on smoother, plus it will last longer because it won’t soak into your skin. Also, when your skin is too dry it tries to re-hydrate itself by producing extra sebum, which can make your skin oily and lead to breakouts. And let me tell you, it’s easier to just hydrate your skin before that happens!

Overall, moisturized skin behaves better and more importantly looks better. Its texture is smooth, supple, fine lines are plump and your skin looks healthy and glowing. We promise that it will repay you in the likes of picture-perfect Instagram selfies, jealous frenemies, and extra whistles when you walk by. 😉

Choosing the Right Product

First, let’s talk about how to find the perfect moisturizer. You really need to think about what type of skin you have and what skin concerns you’re wanting to address most. An important rule of thumb is to look for a lotion specifically formulated for you face. You don’t want to use body or hand lotion on your face, because they could have ingredients that might be irritating to delicate facial skin. If you have acne, you’re going to want to look for something non-comedogenic that won’t clog your pores. You’ll want something that is hydrating, but not too heavy or greasy feeling. If you suffer from dry, flaky skin, you are going to want a thicker moisturizer that lasts longer throughout the day to keep you hydrated.

Untitled design (1)Moisturizing: Step-by-Step

We recommend moisturizing your skin twice daily, preferably once at night before bed and once in the morning before you start your day. Always moisturize clean, freshly cleansed skin. This will help the active ingredients and moisture soak into your skin. If you have any serums or spot treatments you want to use, apply them first and layer your moisturizer on top. You don’t need to use a lot. About a dime size amount of lotion is perfect – a little goes a long way! Gently massage the moisturizer into your skin and remember to apply it to your entire face, neck, and décolleté. Most people forget to moisturize their neck, but it’s actually really important because the skin in that area is one of the first to start sagging and wrinkling as you get older. Also, try to avoid your hairline so you don’t prematurely make your locks greasy, because that’s never a good look!

*PRO TIPS* on Moisturizing

Don’t apply the moisturizer too close to your eyes, as it could cause irritation and make them red and puffy in the morning and that’s not the look we’re going for. In fact, you really should look for a separate cream for your eyes because they are formulated quite differently than an all-over face moisturizer. For one, they have more preventative properties for anti-aging and will have more plumping power for fine lines. And second, the skin around your eyes is uber delicate and also dries out much quicker than any other area on your face because it is so thin, so it really needs treated individually. A good eye cream can be applied at night and by morning you should be able to see a noticeable difference in your skin texture.

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