Makeup is great for covering up blemishes, concealing imperfections, highlighting your features and making your eyes bold. After you layer on several products though, they can be quite tricky to remove entirely, especially if you are buying quality makeup with lasting power or waterproof products. Instead of scrubbing your face raw or watching your eyelashes wash down the drain, follow these simple steps to remove your makeup with minimal hassle.

Step 1

First invest in a makeup wipe, cream makeup remover or liquid makeup remover. It really doesn’t matter which type you use, find something that works well with you and your skin! I also like to recommend finding a makeup remover that isn’t too drying to your skin. I personally like the convenience and ease of using a makeup wipe. Cream makeup removers can be super hydrating though, which is great for those who suffer from chronically dry skin. It’s also a great product for the wintertime when your skin is naturally dryer. Liquid makeup remover can be great too, just make sure to use a soft cotton ball when applying the product, and not a rough washcloth which will be too harsh to rub your delicate facial skin with.

Image result for using a makeup wipeStep 2

Once you have your product of choice, simply start applying it to your face and gently wipe away any makeup on your face. Apply the product in small circular motions, starting at your eyes, which likely have the most makeup on them. Slowly move to your cheeks, forehead and chin, and finally to the outer edges of your face. Don’t forget to use makeup remover on your neck, chest, and anywhere else that you have applied makeup! It will likely take a few passes to completely clear your makeup, and in fact, sometimes you might have to get a new wipe or cotton ball, and apply the product a second time.

Step 3

After your face seems to be clear of makeup, use your favorite facial cleanser as the last step to make sure there isn’t any dirt, oil, or debris you might have missed. You will probably be quite surprised to see that your makeup remover took off most everything, but there is still some stuff left behind on your skin. This extra step is really important to those who suffer from acne as well, because anything left behind on your skin can potentially clog a pore and lead to a pimple. You don’t want to over-wash your face, but you do want to make sure that is cleaned properly, especially after wearing makeup! 🙂

*PRO TIPS* on Makeup Removal

Make sure you don’t. ever. sleep. in your makeup!!!! This is the cardinal rule of skincare and it’s pretty darn important. Sleeping in your makeup can dry your skin out, further inflame blemishes, and cause new pimples to form. Washing your skin before you go to bed helps your skin to breath and regenerate. Also, not many people think about it, but if you go to bed with makeup on your face, that makeup will transfer to your pillow case. Until you wash your pillow case, you will be essentially sleeping on that makeup every night!

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