What are they?

Whiteheads like to show up right before a big date or function and completely ruin your confidence. Okay, maybe that isn’t totally true, but it definitely feels like it sometimes! They can come on fast and without any prior warning. I mean, how many times have you went to bed, clear faced and beautiful, only to wake up to a ginormous whitehead that makes you want to cancel all plans that day? Most of the time, that’s not an option, so you just try everything you can to cover it up. Foundation, 2 layers of concealer, a hat maybe? Nothing is out of the question.

What causes them?

Whiteheads are caused when there is a build-up of sebum, bacteria, dead skin, or anything else trapped in a pore that isn’t supposed to be there. This build-up can clog the pore and cause it to become infected, making it red and irritated. Whiteheads can form virtually anywhere on your body, and are common on the back, shoulders and chest as well. Changes in your hormones can cause greater amounts of whiteheads because hormones help control how much oil your skin is producing. This is why teenagers often experience acne.

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How are they treated?

Whiteheads are very common and very treatable. Vitamins can help treat acne from the inside out by helping your skin to produce the right amount of sebum. Topical products also work well for whiteheads to help heal them faster and help prevent new ones from forming. Even though it can be mega-tempting, never pop your whiteheads!! By doing so, you are rupturing the skin and making an opening that can easily become clogged again. That’s why when you pop your pimple, it often comes right back, even more red and inflamed than the last time. It’s best to keep the pimple and its surrounding area as clean as possible with a gentle cleanser and let it heal. Don’t use any scrubs that could break the whitehead open and cause the infection to spread to your surrounding pores. Also, many people are apprehensive about moisturizing their already oily skin – but it’s super important! If your skin is too dry, it will just over produce oil which is not what you want. Always use a daily moisturizer, even if you have acne. 🙂

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